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  1. Reservation Suite is made in person, through an Internet platform, fill out the reservation form or by telephone. Upon receipt of the completed form to the customer is sent a confirmation and account number, which you need for advance payment. At the time of initial booking deposit payment is confirmed.
  2. The deposit is equivalent to the value of the accommodation for one night and should be paid for up to 48 hours of making the initial booking. The deposit is not refundable, but can be used at another time.
  3. Children under 3 years pay no fee if they sleep with parents on existing bedding and do not require any extra sheets.
  4. The apartment is designed for the residence of persons referred to in the book and is available to the Client from 15.00
    the day of arrival to 11.00 on the day of departure. Time of arrival should be established with support day before arrival. Providing the apartment after presenting the identity card / passport and payment of the fee for the stay. The price includes utilities, linens and towels.
  5. Reception / return of the keys and the registration formalities are carried out at the reception Facility Street. Veit Stoss 15 / 15a lok. 2a.
  6. The client is obliged to return the keys to the apartment, pilot and parking card on the end of your stay. Failure to return the keys for hours. 11.00 result in the calculation fee for another day stay, but does not guarantee the possibility of extending the reservation. In case of failure to extend the booking for another day, and the absence Client, property reserves the right to transfer the Customer things to Reception Facility.
  7. On request VAT invoice will be issued for the reception on the last day of your stay in the apartment or sent to the email address provided in the reservation.
  8. In the apartment, the elevator on the staircase and balconies spaces curfew from 22:00 until 07:00 in the morning.
    The curfew hours are not allowed in the apartment people not registered . In the event that the service live more people than it has been given up, finds Charging extra charge
    200 zł / pers. / Night.
  9. The behavior of customers and third parties may not disturb other guests staying quiet or neighbors. Organize parties in the apartment is prohibited. In case of violation of the Rules of property reserves the right to call the police and immediately wykwaterowania people violate them, and load a penalty in the amount
    to 1000 zł.
  10. must not be used in rooms heaters, stoves, electric heaters, stoves and other similar devices which are not equipment apartment.
  11. Before leaving the apartment Customer is obliged to turn off the lights, gas and all electrical appliances, close windows and doors locked.
  12. The apartment is a total ban on smoking – a violation of the ban will result in charging an additional fee of 300 zł.
  13. customer is obliged to maintain the premises in the state it found and financially responsible for damage to or destruction of furniture, equipment, devices and other elements of the apartment. Any defects in the apartment should be reported to the owner within 2 hours after receiving the keys. No notification (personal or telephone) means there is no existing faults or damage.
  14. Object obliged to remove any reported defects / faults in the shortest possible time, within maximum 24 hours from the time of notification, unless the nature of the fault will not allow it.
  15. Failures caused by any independent from the Facility (including delivery media, the Internet, failures of equipment) can not be the basis for a no-cost cancellation.
  16. The lost / destruction of keys, cards or remote parking will require an additional fee of 100 zł / each.
  17. The Customer undertakes to leave the apartment in the state in which he found it. Dishes should be washed and the rubbish thrown away / get ready to throw. Adjustment of furniture and other equipment the apartment is prohibited.
  18. Object is not responsible for items left in the apartment.
  19. The property has the right to add additional fees in the event of damages or defects. Any additional charges set out rules must be paid before leaving the apartment. In the event the Client does not pay for damage destruction / damage before leaving the apartment, the Customer authorizes object to load his credit card for the amount of the costs of repairing damage.
  20. In the case of events caused by force majeure, Object has the right to cancel the reservation. The amounts paid by the Client shall be immediately refunded – minus the amounts due for services already performed.
  21. In the case of early departure, the customer is not entitled to reimbursement of the amount paid for unused accommodation.
  22. Reservations and start using the apartment constitutes acceptance of these Rules.